Patient FAQ


  01. Why is this important to me?

Whether you're uninsured or insured on a high deductible plan, it’s your money and it’s important to you. Until now, the prices and costs of healthcare were not visible to the patient (well not until months afterwards when the trail of bills starts to appear). Given that patients are bearing more of the cost of care, SnapHealth empowers you with information ahead of time so you can make an informed decision about your care, including the cost.

02. What is price transparency?

Price Transparency occurs when all parties involved know the price of a product or service that is being purchased or sold. Historically, patients have been completely left in the dark about the costs of healthcare, and surprisingly, so have doctors. Price transparency promotes competition among sellers of goods and services, which in turn can lead to lower costs for consumers.

03. Where do SnapHealth prices come from?

  • Unlike most healthcare transparency tools out there, the prices shown on SnapHealth are actual and not just estimates based claims data.

  • Providers and test facilities list actual prices for specific services and tests that they are willing to accept for pre-payment.

  • SnapHealth prices usually differ from what providers/facilities charge for traditional billing methods because providers are able to save money on overhead costs with prompt, pre-payment.

04.What are “Average Prices”?

SnapHealth also features average prices for office visits, tests and services specific to your metropolitan area, which are an average of Medicare and commercial insurance pricing.

05. Is SnapHealth Secure?

Yes, we've taken every measure to comply with the Federal HIPAA (health privacy) regulations to ensure your information is completely secure and protected.

06. Is SnapHealth meant to replace my insurance plan?

No. SnapHealth is a platform effectively used in conjunction with a high deductible health insurance plan, to get more value on out-of-pocket purchases, as well as by self-insured employers or by anyone that is uninsured.

Prices for the exact same service can vary by as much as 90%, so knowing the actual price of a service, coupled with pre-payment provides a substantial advantage for you, the consumer.

07. What can be purchased on SnapHealth?

SnapHealth is best used for non-emergency healthcare purchases: doctors visits, specialist care, labs and imaging — just to name a few.

08. Can I use SnapHealth without being an employee of a client company?

Yes! You'll often be surprised - you can see a doctor for between $50-120 and get a CT scan for just a couple hundred dollars.
If you're an employee of a client company, we directly link to your employee benefits, so your employer is able to pay their portion of your care and your benefits information is updated daily.

09. Are all providers the same?

No. There are many factors to consider when choosing healthcare providers: location, language, credentials, reviews, gender, price and more. SnapHealth provides consumers with information — including reviews from patients who have seen this provider before — to find the best fit for their healthcare needs.

10. What if I don't know what services/tests I need?

In those situations, consider purchasing a "General Consultation" from a provider of your choosing. Once in their office, the provider can assess you and then make a recommendation as the best course of action. Be sure to ask about the costs associated too, so that you can make an informed decision.

11. I've purchased a service or test on SnapHealth, now what?

If you haven't already, you will need to call the provider's office and schedule your appointment. After your purchase is complete, you will receive an email confirmation, along with a payment voucher attached, to print and bring with you to your appointment. Our customer support number is conveniently listed on the voucher, so the provider's administrative staff may call us with any questions they may have.

12. What if I need more services or tests, once in the provider's office, than what I paid for on SnapHealth?

Once at your appointment, the provider may recommend additional tests or services. Be sure to discuss your options, along with the associated costs and decide the best course of action with your provider. You are responsible for any additional costs incurred during your visit.

13. What if a provider sends me a bill for something I've already paid for on SnapHealth?

There is always a chance that the provider's office billing software may automatically generate an invoice for services that have already been paid for on SnapHealth. If this happens, simply call or email our customer support and we will contact the provider on your behalf to resolve the issue.