Our Advisors  
  DJ Patil, PhD

DJ was named #2 on Forbes list of most influential Data Scientists in the world in 2011, and is currently in Residence at Greylock Partners. Previously he was the Chief Product Officer at Color as well as the Chief Scientist and led the Analytics and Data Teams at the LinkedIn Corporation. At LinkedIn he was responsible for all analytics projects including reporting, web analytics, as well as products on the site that leverage LinkedIn's unique data set. Some of these products include, People You May Know, Who's Viewed My Profile, Talent Match, Skills, Career Explorer, and the other recommendation engines.

Previous to LinkedIn, Dr. Patil was a Distinguished Research Scientist and the Director for Strategy, Product, and Analytics of Corporate Architecture at eBay Inc. He received a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of California, San Diego and a Doctorate in Applied Mathematics from the University of Maryland in the top ranked applied nonlinear dynamics and chaos group.

  Thomas Doorley

CEO & Chairman, Founder, Sage Partners. Practices across all of our client segments-public and private companies and not for profit organizations. Expertise: strategy and governance. As a trusted adviser to senior management teams, and as C-Suite leader, entrepreneur and Board Member, Doorley bridges the gaps between great theory and actions which get impact. Focus: Value-Creating Growth--how value is created for employees, customers, investors and the broader community. While not all growth creates value, without growth as a centerpiece of the strategic vision, value for all stakeholders will be compromised. To deliver on the growth goal, management and the Board must be aligned, with an effective Opportunity Oversight process in place.

  Dean Drako

Dean Drako with his 25 years of experience building profitable, high growth, high recurring revenue technology companies, oversees each companies’ strategic direction, planning, and execution. As Barracuda Networks founder and CEO, Drako grew it from a concept to more than 140 products, 150,000 customers, and approximately 1000 employees. Drako has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan and a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from UC Berkeley.

  Matt Baker

Partner, Sage Partners. Senior Management and Marketing Strategist. Baker works across a broad range of practices in diverse industries and companies. He is advisor to CEO’s, board of directors and senior management executives. Baker has founded and worked in early stage/entrepreneurial enterprises, Mid-sized public and private organizations and Fortune 500 companies. His broad market and company experience allows him to provide “real life experience solutions” and perspective. As a trusted adviser to senior management teams, C-Suite entrepreneurs and Board Members, he is passionate about identifying root cause barriers to market success, as well as identifying and creating creative strategic solutions to accelerate an organization’s growth trajectory. Industry experiences include: wireless/telecommunications products and services, consumer packaged goods, office products, healthcare and technology services organizations.