Our Mission  
  SnapHealth seamlessly connects consumers with providers through our trusted gateway, effecting lower-price health care services.

Our “Direct Pay Organization” drives out wasteful and redundant costs making the purchase of health care services a more efficient and less expensive process. SnapHealth puts the control back in the hands that need it the most, consumers and providers.

Our Story

SnapHealth was founded in 2011 by Dr. Wong and Dr. Langan, two Emergency Medicine physicians with 20 years combined experience, who saw the numerous failures of the current business processes embedded in health care, the biggest problem being the overwhelming cost of health care. What contributes to the high cost is the lack of price transparency and the absence of an actionable platform for the patient to control such cost. The doctors believe that if patients are empowered with the right tools, they can make more informed decisions about their health care.

Today, under the leadership of Mr. Shawn Fry, CEO, SnapHealth serves as an effective platform for patients to find and purchase quality affordable health care services with transparent pricing. Furthermore, coupled with a properly structured benefits plan, it aligns the interests and incentives of employees directly with their employer to help contain the rising cost of health care.